Windows 10 Upgrade - It is still free, you just need to know where to look !!

Microsoft has now stated the free offer to upgrade to Windows 10 has expired. The expiration date has past although the upgrade still works and best of all it's free.

How long this "workaround" will remain is unknown.

Don't delay, Windows 7 support has ended meaning security flaws are not being addressed.

Follow this link

I recommend you create a USB Thumb drive and once thumb drive is created run "Setup" from the key. 

If you want to upgrade the rest of this article will give you some do's and don'ts.


Getting Ready

  • Visit your computer's vendor web site and look up your machine model to see there are any Window 10 notices or software updates, particularly the device drivers. 
  • Most vendors will not have tested every device. If Microsoft was "Nagging" you to update they feel your computer is compatible. 
  • Visit all vendor sites for equipment attached to your computer for notices or software related to Windows 10. (e.g., printers, scanners, phones, drawing pads).
  • Inventory your software and ensure you have copies and licenses if you need to re-install. Particularly your existing O/S. You must have "Recovery Media" from your purchase.
  • If you have any specific software you use, make sure it is Windows 10 compatible and will remain supported under Windows 10. One example of software that works on Windows 7 but not on Windows 10 is Microsoft Office 2003.
  • Software that is not supported under Windows 10 may work but who are you going to call when it doesn't?
  • Back up all your data. Start with your Documents, Pictures and Music libraries, but don't forget your "Downloads" or "Desktop" folders and anywhere else you have stored data. Do not skip this step.  If your data is damaged it may not be recoverable without the back up.
  • For a more complete backup I recommend you download and use Macrium Reflect Free. This allows you to capture a complete Image of your machine. 
  • Make sure you have all your user names, email addresses and passwords to all your accounts accessible. Lots of people use "Keep Me Signed In" and have long lost their passwords.


Performing the Update

Once you have started the update be patient and read the screens presented to you. If the update has to be download from the Internet it could take hours or minutes depending on your internet speed. Be aware the download (approximately 3.0GB - 4.0GB of data) counts towards your monthly data allocation. 

As the update is installed you need to be patient. We can't stress this enough. There is a huge amount of computing required to actually make the change, make sure your device is connected to the A/C outlet. Your screen may go black or it may appear some step has frozen. Do not jump to conclusions and start pressing buttons. Let the update install - go get a coffee.

Once the update is completed you may have to install the Windows 10 device drivers you downloaded from your computer vendor and you may have to update software for your connected devices. Test them.

Again, be patient. Some things may be a little slow because as far as your computer is concerned they have never been used before.

You have a month to assess whether you want to keep Windows 10 - after that it's yours. 

Once you decide to keep Windows 10, Windows 10 has a process to create "Recovery Media", don't skip this step either.


If you get in trouble ...... or before you get there.....

Call for help or advice. Clicking options you don't understand and randomly booting your device will certainly dig the hole deeper.


Windows 10 Update - The Easy Way

Click on the Contact Tab or call us.  It's quick - we do the inventory, research, backups and we get you familiar with Windows 10 once it is installed.