Windows 10 May 2019 Update

The most significant feature in this update is the ability for those with the Home edition to finally control how updates are delivered to your machine. Previously you needed the Pro edition to get this functionality. 

While this release has been tested for months by the "Insiders", once it hits the public, the possible combinations of hardware and installed software become unimaginable. 

The number of errors will drive how fast the roll out occurs. I know from personal experience some machines are just getting the October 2018 Update, (V1809). 

In the past once your machine was "Verified" the update would install. With the new functionality I mentioned above you have to initiate the upgrade. Click "Start", "Settings", "Update and Security". If your machine is ready there will be message and a button to initiate the update. If you do not update to the latest Feature update manually Windows will automatically update you when your current version is nearing end of support. This is typically 18 months after the software was released. 

If you want to see what version of Windows 10 you are using press the Windows key + R and type in Winver in the box that appeared, then press "Enter".

A window will appear indicating the version and build number. The October 2018 Update is V1809, translated as 2018 September and the May 2019 Update is V1903 translates as 2019 March. These are the dates the code base was finalized. 

You must be using either V1803, V1809 or V1903. 

If you are not on one of these versions please call, you are running unsupported software and you are putting yourself and your data at risk. Actually if you are still on V1803 there is a high probability that your update process is in trouble. 

While it cannot be said everyone will update pain free, the key to a successful update is patience. 

Older devices will likely have more issues. With each group of machines that are implemented Microsoft collects data and builds fixes.

For a full description of what is in the release you can Google "May 2019 Update"

For simplicity I'm providing this link 


Windows 10 May 2019 Update


As with any computers, I can't recommend enough the need to regularly back up your data and create the necessary Recovery media after you get the update. A system Image is the best solution for a quick restore. There are excellent free tools to accomplish these tasks. 

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